Library Rules

Library Rules


  • Every reader entering the library should sign in the visitor's register kept for the purpose at the entrance gate of the library.
  • Personal books are not allowed in the library but in certain cases with the permission of the librarian, books may be taken in.
  • Writing or making any kind of mark in a book or a periodical is forbidden.
  • Cutting or tearing of any photo or page from any publication is prohibited
  • Smoking or eating is not permitted in the library.
  • Observe complete silence in the library.
  • Readers are not allowed to take their belongings inside the library.
  • All articles being taken out of the library are subject to inspection at the exit gate.
  • Behave with the staff nicely in order to get good and quick service from them.


The following persons will be entitled to make use of library services offered by the library on enrolling themselves as members:-

  • Students of the Institute.
  • Members of the teaching staff of the Institute and the Demonstration Multipurpose School attached to the Institute.
  • Ministerial staff and the work-experience teachers of the Institute and the school.
  • M.T.S. staff of the Institute and the school.
  • Persons doing research work for the project under the guidance of any member of the teaching staff of the Institute.
  • Retired RIE, Ajmer Employee.


Loan privilege and period of loan from the Institute library will be as follows:-

S.No. Categories No. of books to be taken at a time Loan period
1 M. Ed. students 3 15 Days
2 DCGC students 3 15 Days
3 Researchers 5 15 Days
4 B. Ed., B. Sc. B. Ed. and B. A. B. Ed. students 2 15 Days
5 Teaching staff of the Institute and H.M./A.O./M.O. 20 60 Days
6 Teaching staff of D. M. School including librarian 10 30 Days
7 Ministerial staff of the Institute and D. M. School 5 30 Days
8 M.T.S. staff of the Institute and school 3 30 Days
9 Retired Employee 2 60 Days


If any student keeps a library book in his or her possession for more than the time allowed for the purpose, a fine will be charge at the rate of Re. 1/- per day per book


In the event of loss of book the borrower has to pay the latest cost of thebook plus 25% surcharge there on or replace by the latest edition of the Title.

  • 4.1 In case of non-priced books,charges will be as follows:-
    • Indian Publications Rs. 1.50/ Page
    • Foreign Publication Rs. 2.00/ Page
    • 25% should be added to the calculated amount.
  • 4.2 Foreign publications having a price tag in foreign currencies, the conversion rate should be the rate prevailing on the date of issuing "No Dues Certificate".
  • 4.3 Rs. 10/- as a fine will be realized per card, if the borrowers library card issued to students, is lost. The loss of the library Borrower's Ticket should be reported to library immediately. Duplicate borrowers’ ticket will be issued after depositing the requisit amount.


In case of theft of book from the library 10 times of cost of book as a penalty, if Indian publication and 5 times of cost, in case of foreign publication will be imposed.

User will be debarred from library membership till the end of prevailing academic session.

Information will be sent to the parent regarding his/her improper behavior in the library.


Before leaving the counter the borrower shall satisfy himself/herself as towhether the book lent to him/her is in sound condition. If not, he/she shall immediately bring the matter to the notice of the Counter Assistant, otherwise he/she liable to be held responsible for the replacement/compensation as fixed by the Head, Library Services.

  • If a student is found to have torn, mutilated or disfigured the page of a book or Magazine belonging to the library, he/she will be required to pay twice the cost of the book and other disciplinary action may also be taken against him/her.

7.     Normally books will not be renewed. Current magazines will not be issued. At a time two old magazines can be issued to an employee.

8.     If any student found to possess a book of the library without getting it issued, suitable disciplinary action to the extent of expulsion from the Institute will be taken against him/her.

9.     Reference books such as Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Year Books, Almanacs, Handbook etc. and also those books, marked as 'Reserved' or 'Not to be lent out' will not be issued.

10.     The Head, Library Services can recall any book on loan, if it is required in the library urgently, even if it is not due to be returned.