About Organization

About Organization

  • To act as resource centre for conducting research, training and development of school education and teacher education.
  • To prepare quality teachers and teacher educators at all levels of school education.This is done through various pre-service courses i.e. four year integratedB.Sc.B.Ed., B.A.B.Ed., two year B.Ed., two year M.Ed., Ph.D. and Diploma in Guidance &Counselling, and in-service teacher training programmes conducted throughout theyear.
  • To conduct in-service training programmes for teachers, teacher educators, supervisors and administrators concerned with school education and according to the needs of the States/Union Territories of the northern region.
  • To provide necessary help to the state agencies concerned with school education.
  • To produce instructional material for school education.
  • To advise state departments of education on policies and programmes related to various aspects of school education.
  • To provide consultancy services and extension programmes at national and internationallevel.
  • To undertake policy research studies related to school education and teacher education by the faculty and research scholars of the institute.