Chief Warden

Dr. Ram Niwas

Designation :Associate Professor of Hindi, Department of Social Science and Humanities
Qualifications: Ph.D. from Meerut University, Meerut (U.P).

Brief History :
  • Academic Qualifications: M.A. Ph.D.(Hindi)
  • Area of Specialization:- Language Education.
  • Incharge of “Hindi Cell”.
  • Former Head, Department of Social Science and Humanities (2015-18).
  • Teaching Experience - Under Graduate Classes in Education (22 years).
  • Research Experience:-05 Years (Excluding 05 years for Ph.D.)
  • Publications: Above 100 Articles and Research Paper published and Presented Papers in different National Seminars/ Conferences and chaired some sessions.
  • Worked with SSA & RMSA as Member.
  • Book Published: “Sat bhakeRavidas(1996)” and “Sant Shiromani Guru RavidasGranthawali(2016)”

Chief warden of Following Hostels

Boys Hostel

1. Tilak Hostel 2. Ranjit Hostel

Girls Hostel

1. Laxmibai Hostel 2. Rana Pratap Hostel 3. Shivaji Hostel 4. Saraswati Hostel