Department of Extension Education

About DEE

This department as responsible for liaising with the SCERTs and department of Education states and UTs and of the Northern region through a team state coordinators. The training and other needs of the states/UTs are collected every year for academic support and shared with the faculty member for the Institute for proposing programmes, accordingly

Other tasks of the Department include the following:

  • Liaising and communicate with states/UTs for participation in programmes as per the directions of the NCERT such as; yoga Olympiad learning outcomes, consultations for new policy, CCE.
  • Extending support to the states/UTs as per their needs and requests.
  • Preparingreply of communication from NCERT pertaining to all to PAC programmes including write-up for the Annual reports of NCERT, quarterly progress reports, mid-term progress reports etc.
  • Convening meetings of the state coordinators and programme coordinators.
  • Collecting and compiling programme proposals for presentation in the meetings of IAB, Management committee and PAC, every year.
  • Facilitating training, meeting, seminars and workshops in the conference hall of the Department
  • Since Extension Education is not a subject the faculty of the department is sharing teaching and related workload with other departments of the Institute.